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My Journey to $20

My boyfriend’s house is a bit of a pigsty. The house is a little small (but bigger than an standard apartment) and we can all be a little hoarder-ish. For instance, I found a closet of old boxes, and a box of old containers (protein powder jars, oatmeal containers, spice jars, and the like). I don’t like to waste things, the boyfriend and his roommate are just lazy.

I was going through a bookcase, throwing away old letters and wrappers, and found my old laptop. This thing was state of the art… 3 years ago. Now the hinges have seized and the keyboard is missing letters. I swear I’m not hard on my computers, but this one was rough.

I haven’t touched it in probably a year, if not closer to 2, so I figured I should trash it. However, you can’t just throw away electronics. Who knows what toxic black magic is in it. As I was looking it up, I saw that Staples let’s you trade in your old electronics! It turned on and the screen works, so I’m getting a $20 gift card for it. They even paid for shipping.

And that’s the story of how my trash turned into $20. I inspired my boyfriend to look at his old computers. Yay!

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How You Don’t Save Money

Just going to put this out there: I can be a little impulsive.

So when you’re trying to save money, unsubscribe from those vacation saving emails. Don’t go, oh, it’s a special birthday, let’s go on a cruise.

Cruises do not save you money. Cruises don’t even come close to saving you money. Unless you regularly eat fancy food and drink a lot because you’re not driving.

My cruise ran me like $1,200. It’s not that bad, and it was my birthday, but I don’t recommend it.

On the bright side, everyone’s budgets will get derailed. Hopefully (not really), by an emergency, not by your party goblin

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End of August Savings Review


Let’s face it. I’ve the worst saver. Also this month was rough, since I went on a trip to Toronto, and I am finishing paying off my cruise for next month. I’m happy that next month will have less charges, but this month was probably not a great month to have a great start.

On that note, have you ever looked at your goal, realized it was a high bar. Really, you set yourself up for the highest of bars. I make a bit more that minimum wage. To get to $625,000, I have to save my entire income for 20 years. I can sell. I can minimize my spending. I can get a 2nd and a 3rd job, but that doesn’t change just what an overwhelming number that is. In reality, it is 2 to 3 times the value of any house I’ve lived in.

If I go off of what I spent in 2015, my goal number is $375,000. That number is not relieving in any way.

So yes, my goal is still in the hundreds of thousands, but I’m going to work on saving $10,000 by the new year. For those of you doing the math, that’s $2,500 a month.

Let’s start saving and making money!

See you soon!

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My Makeup Resolution

Last week, we talked about my makeup/shopping addiction. I did my final tally, and it is over 60 items, and about $1000 in value. This does not include samples and every little pencil I own (only so many 50 cent lip liners I can list by color). Makeup is made up of so many little things, that even a simple eye look can take 10 products.

My goal for the next two months is to use up 10 products. I have a few in mind (half used tinted moisturizer, a lip gloss, and a few eye shadow samples), and using up some things I have will also make my stash less overwhelming.

I’ll share my used products every couple of weeks or so for progress’ sake.

See you soon,

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Week 4: My Makeup Addiction

I don’t really have a makeup addiction. I have a shopping addiction and love pretty colors. At one point in time, I found it easier to carry a tote bag that the three makeup bags I had to contain the clutter.

I love organizing my makeup and cleaning it out, but I really don’t use it. That is why when I saw how much money I spent on makeup in the past 8 months (over $500) I was floored. Is there anything you don’t really use that you spend $65 a month on?

My collection (only half inventoried) is about $750. That just amazes me. I wish I could just sell it off and go on vacation. I have to spend less money on this category.

My resolution is to be happy with what I have a use what I’ve got.

I will attempt to spend $0 on this category, and pocket the $250 in my account.

Let me know what you can start a no buy on!

See you soon!

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I have a serious case of wanderlust and a serious case of homesickness. I worked on 2 campaigns, and fell in love with it. The sleepness nights, the new people and places, and the feeling like I was changing the world. I was going to move from state to state, doing just that.

And then I came back home and never wanted to leave. I still wanted to make a difference, but from the confines of my own state.

Create Your Own Visited States Map

As maybe you can tell, I’ve been on two major trips, a road trip to Kansas City, Missouri ( which I had to drive to Kansas ) and a trip to Georgia. I’m going to have to do a crazy road trip to get to those other states.

I have a hard time deciding on vacations, because I want to see it all. I want to experience all of the cultures, try all of the food (ok, some of the food), see the sights, hear the languages. It’s so hard to make a decision, because I want to see it all.

Ever have that problem?

I’m working on it, so the options will eventually dwindle. One day though, I want to say I’ve seen the world.

See you soon,

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Fitness Friday: Foam Rolling

Foam rolling. It sounds ridiculous, it feels ridiculous, and you look ridiculous, but it makes everything feel so good.

I always forget that just going to the gym won’t make you stronger, fitter, or better. You have to take care of your body and muscles the rest of the time too.

Lately, I’ve been sore for days after the gym. I go back to the gym sore from the gym. I’m tired and irritable all because I don’t take care of myself.

Besides drinking more water, a great way to take care of your muscles is to stretch and foam roll. 

Everything about a foam roller is ridiculous. I always have a mind block when I look at mine. I never want to lie on the ground and rub myself against a tube. It looks weird. However, rolling your back, legs, and IT band against the roller is the best feeling.

For weeks I couldn’t get my leg behind me for a hamstring stretch. I finally convinced myself to foam roam, and it was like a miracle. I’m not saying you’ll be able to do anything after you roll, but muscles and areas that you didn’t know could be tight will relax after rolling.

I’m not a doctor, or a trainer, or even a fit person, but my so-not-professional advise is: spend the $10, buy a foam roller, and roll yourself on it like the weirdo you are.