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Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are not my time of the week, so this is my way of brightening it up. Here are my current Top 5s:

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1) Favorite TV Show
I am LOVING Revolution. My ex got me into it, so part of me wants to hate it, but Billy Burke was also my teenage crush (from My Boys, NOT Twilight). It really concerns me that he plays parents now (well, uncle, either way…). It’s an awesome show about the US in 10 years if we didn’t have power. Just watch it.

2) Favorite Song
I currently have Mission Bells by Matt Nathanson on repeat. Just listen to it. Accept it and love it.

3) Favorite Foot
Left. I sprained my right ankle when I was 17 and its coming back to haunt me. It hates that I’ve been walking/running so often.

4) Favorite Makeup
I bought a purple eyeliner pencil a few weeks ago. It was free and a little edgy. I do not regret that purchase.

5) Favorite Color Palette
I love autumn colors. They make me feel warm and fuzzy. Reds and oranges should just be in my life more often.


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