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Grocery Shopping

Yesterday I posted  my weekly schedule for my coupons. Today, I’m going to share my “process” for shopping, including my standard list.

My dad and I go grocery shopping together, since I still live at home. I have a list of coupons I want to use, while he keeps the list of weekly needs. If I used an actual list, I could probably do this myself, but I like to have someone keep me in line (so I don’t by 10 2lb bottles of ketchup just because it’s cheap).

Our standard list:

Produce- potatoes, salad mix, some fruit

Meat- hamburgers, steak/roast, chicken (I’m a picky eater, so we stick to pretty much the same menu every week, we also keep pasta and ingredients for homemade pizza at home as well).

Refrigerated section: Eggs, light cream (not a milk family)

Whatever I have coupons for: This week it happened to be yogurt, aluminum foil, and pasta sauce.

I always make sure I have a $5 off $50 purchase and I never let a deal stress me out. If it’s too hard, I don’t do it.


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