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My Coupons

I coupon, and I love it. I spend a couple hours a week looking at coupons, and save lots of money. I used to keep a log, but now that my stockpile is pretty full, I’m not so militant about it.

Here is my couponing schedule:

Early ad is posted. I give it a good look and get excited for the week!

Pretty much ignore it. Check a facebook group about my favorite store.

Pretty much ignore. If there is a Buy 10, save $5 promotion, I might set up my list (and Plan B) tonight, so I can go Friday.

Print out coupons (more grocery store deals use printables). I print from home and work (family business, so I don’t feel bad).

Ignore. Today is the day sales start. If there is a really good deal, or a lot of deals this week, I’ll go to the store in the morning before work. I’ve probably done this 3 times this year.


Get my coupons from the paper. I have 2 different papers delivered to my house (.75 and $1 a week).  1 is the daily city paper, the other is the “state paper” (I’m from a small state). I like having a variety of news. I also like that I have a paper that I can put vacation holds on when there are no coupons and not feel guilty about not having the news.

Today is also my normal shopping day. I’m a little OCD about things, and one of them is going to my grocery store (not any other ones) on Sunday, by noon. If I don’t get to do this, I’m screwed up all week. When I couponed at drug stores, I would do that on Sunday as well.

I hope you can see that I don’t give that much of my time to my coupons.


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