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My favorite puppy

When I was 12, everyone was getting a dog. My older sister had two. My cousin got one. My aunt got one. EVERYONE had a dog. So we convinced my dad that we were responsible enough to get a dog.

So my mom picked out a rescue puppy on the internet (what can’t you get off the internet?). We went to our local Humane Society (where the dog was located) and we met the dog for the first time.

He definitely did not like other dogs. You could hear him from the hallway. The staff told us that he was abused and then neglected because he was vicious and attacked small children. They were even scared to let us have him because my brother and I were only 11 and 12. Well, my dog is a 30 lb beagle/basset mix who didn’t so much as smell us when we took him for a walk around the pound.

Well, now he sleeps all day. Like only awake for his walks and to eat. He’s a nice low maintenance puppy, and I love him.


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