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Ugh… To be organized

I just wrote a wicked long post when my computer died.


My goal, until Christmas, is to be more organized. I’ve pledged to do a clutter-free Christmas (food for my family, and college fund deposits for my nephews), and now that I’ve been everyone else’s parent, I’m going to be my own. So I’ll post my to do list with you.


  • Clean out trash from online shopping
  • Donate my old bras and unused wedding dress (damn boys)
  • Clean off desk
  • Find new home for jeans
Life Binder
  • Get Binder
  • Get replacement important documents (I know. I’m bad. I’m fixing it)
  • Find pretty paper/dividers and plastic envelopes.
  • Find old passwords
I’m not sure what else I’ll have, but I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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