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My Menstrual Cup

Oh yeah. I said it. I use a Menstrual Cup. I swear, it sounds way grosser than it is. It’s pretty cool.

Why have I switched to a menstrual cup?

1. Cost

My periods are incredibly irregular, even though I’m on the pill. I was bleeding (or weeping, as my friends in college called it) ended on Christmas and lasted a week, and here I am, a week later, bleeding. Again. So, just this month I would’ve used 2 boxes of tampons. Let’s guess that I use 15 boxes (1 per month, plus 3 extra for when my body likes to bleed. At $10-ish a box, that’s $150 I’m spending on cotton to bleed on. WHAT? My cup was $30, and it should last 10 years. Let’s guess 3, because I lose things.

2. Dog

I have a dog who likes to eat tampons/pads, but can’t digest them. It’s worth $30 to not pull a tampon out of my dog’s butt. Enough said.

3. Waste

I (we?) buy pieces of cotton (or whatever it is) to bleed on and throw away. Completely disposable. I can’t imagine tampon mountain at a dump. I feel better by reducing MY waste (though completely disgusted by the joy my dog would have at tampon Mountain)

I love the idea of my cup right now, but it’s totally painful at the moment. I learned more about my body in the first day of using my MoonCup than I should’ve in years. My problems so far?

1. Length

My cup is just a little too long at the moment. I could just cut off the bottom part (it has like a bottom string like silicone stick), but I’ve only used it for one cycle, so I want to make sure it’s the cup, not me. Until then, I have a little bit of silicone sticking out. My body is also such a way that I can’t reach the top  of the cup with my finger to break the suction. I might just have short hands.

2. Pain

I’ve had 2 uterine sounds and menstrual cramps that hurt so bad, I’ve puked. For years. My pain tolerance (knowledge?) is high when it comes to my vadge. However, I’ve someone pinched myself with a round, soft silicone cup. I think I’ve also bruised the inside of my vadge. A lot. And the suction. It feels like I’m pulling out my uterus. But I’ve figured out a way to pull, and break the suction. It’s a 2 handed operation.

I know it seems horrible, but it takes a while to figure out how to shove a piece of plastic into you. And I’m really sick of my dog getting into my trash. I’ll update you next month!


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