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My Christmas Review

This Christmas was important on my father’s side since my grandfather died this summer. No one wanted to leave my grandmother at home, so we all stayed a little later, and my aunt (and cousins) spent the week of Christmas with her, instead of just a long weekend between Christmas and New Years. It was really nice to see everyone on Christmas, rather than hunting them all down.

Having all of my aunts and uncles together brought about many fun stories. Seeing my family now, you would never know they grew up poor. It came up that when my father was a child, he never got a gift on his list, and he got whatever was on sale and left on Christmas Eve. He and his 4 siblings thought Christmas lists were just jokes, and it broke my grandmother’s heart.

This really resonated with my mother. How could someone never get a toy they want on Christmas? She even brought this up to my sister, who I think really portrays today’s cluelessness.

Mother: Did you know Dad never got anything off his Christmas list? Like never? They used to just rip up their lists!

Sister: Oh. I think it has a lot to do with that less people got them gifts. My kids couldn’t make lists long enough to satisfy everyone that wanted to buy things for them.

I swear that that was the actual conversation. I can’t even come up with the words to describe what is wrong with that conversation. This is the same person who tells me I’m a spoiled brat and gets everything I want. My nephews got so many toys from MY aunts and uncles that they couldn’t open them all, and they were still upset.

My dad used to get one toy, and it didn’t matter what it was, because it was a new toy for him. He was happy.

What happened to those days?


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