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Ways You Can Help Out a School

I have no kids, but it hurts me to see free money go to waste. This is how you can use some of that free money for good.

Here’s my list of ways to help out schools financially:

General Mills Box Top programs:
On some packages of General Mills stuff (Ziplock, Betty Crocker, Nature Valley) there are little tabs called Box Tops. They each give 10 cents to a school. You just have to drop it off at your school. I donated $10 last week during a promotion at my grocery store. Heck yes!
Time: 10 seconds to cut it out. No extra time if your kid already goes to the school.
Cost: Just normal grocery costs, so I count it as 0.

Staples Reward-A-Classroom:
Do you have a Staples Rewards card? If not, what the heck? You get 5% back on your purchases, every month you spend over $200. And $2 for every ink cartridge you recycle (heck yes!). Register it to a classroom and they get 2% back. Last year I spent $1000 at Staples. I got $50 back, my lucky class gets $20. Take that Staples!

Time: 5 minutes to register. Forget about it the rest of the year (my favorite)
Cost: Only what you would normally spend: 0

Campbell’s Soup Labels:
Ok, I’ve never done this one. Mostly because I can’t stand soup. Apparently they are on other products too. You bring them to school and the school can redeem them for books, globes, balls, etc.
Time: 5 seconds to rip off the label
Cost: Only normal grocery costs: 0

Target RedCard:
A RedCard will already get you 5% off all of your purchases at Target. Did you know that they will also give 1% to your school?
Time: 5 minutes to designate a school. Then forget about it.
Cost: Nothing extra!

TerraCycle will take your old Caprisun pouches and upcycle them into bags. Each pouch is worth 2 points or 2 cents. Seems kinda odd, but if you’re like me, you’d have to pay to throw them away!
Time: 1 hour or 2. Looks like you bring them to a collection site and they box them out and ship them  away. Since it seems pretty new, you’d probably have to coordinate it. Sorry!
Cost: Normal grocery costs.

I’ve never used it, but it seems like Ebates or Plink. You register your debit or credit card, use it, and your school gets money back. Seems pretty easy.
Time: 5 minutes to sign up
Cost: Normal shopping cost.


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