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My little brother is very particular about his clothes. For a few reasons, but he’s 21 years old and should be able to buy his own pants.

He doesn’t like to have too many, for example, he went on a week long trip years ago that suggested he bring 4 pairs of shorts. He now has JUST 4 pairs of shorts due to that suggestion. It’s a pain to get him to buy more, even though he wears them every day.

He likes his pants to be a certain softness. I once bought him stiff jeans, and he had me patching up holes in his jeans for 2 years before he would wear them. I had to teach him, because it was getting ridiculous.


On that note, do you see the picture above? He keeps ripping the crotch in his jeans. What sister wants to patch that? I don’t even want to SEE that.

However, today I bought him (ok, I picked them out, Dad paid for them) SIX pairs of soft jeans. I then cut up the weird crotch jeans for patches. They made some awkward cutoffs though 🙂


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