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Why I want an IUD

I am not a doctor. Just someone who really wants an IUD. Some of my information might not be correct for you. THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE!! 

As I’ve mentioned before, I have horrible periods that come on if I miss my birth control pill by a couple hours. Make that like 1 hour. Have I ever mentioned how forgetful I am? I have a dedicated alarm app on my phone, and I still forget it. Luckily, I’m only taking it to control my periods. Good thing my body is building up a tolerance to it, not. To fix this, I want an IUD.

IUDs, or intra-uterine devices, are small little birth control devices that chill out in your uterus. There are two types: copper and hormonal. Copper IUDS just change the pH in your uterus to make it unsuitable for implantation. Hormonal IUDs have small doses or hormones that work somewhat like the Pill, but use less because it’s mostly just dosing your uterus, not your entire bloodstream hoping some gets to your uterus (totally oversimplified, but it works).

Why do I want it?

1. I’m forgetful

Remember that daily pill? You just get a doctor to stick that IUD up in you, and you’re good for YEARS. It’s incredibly convenient (once you get that appointment and match it with your period, so your cervix is a little wider).

2. Painful Cramps

It’s supposed to stop or slow down periods. I mean, there’s a good chance that my uterus will crush the thing and spit it out (worth it to see the crushed IUD), but if I don’t, the IUD could STOP MY PERIOD! No more puking! Worth it!

3. Costs

Ok. I just researched this. It is supposed to have no out of pocket costs like the Pill. When I was looking at this last year, I was paying $15 a month for the Pill a month, and I thought I could get a Mirena (turns out that I have an abnormally small uterus), it was way cheaper to get an IUD. Mirena was $550 for the IUD and insertion (estimate) and worked for 5 years. Birth Control Pills over that period cost: $900. Some people just paid their co-pay for a normal visit. I’d also have on pads/tampons (but be scared to use my cup)

Hopefully I can get  Skyla!


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