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Chicken Update

A while ago, I wrote this post about a great deal on chicken. Well, once again, chicken thighs have gone on sale for $0.88 a pound. So I bought about 4 pounds, or about $3.52 worth, and threw it in the slow cooker.

After I threw it in the slow cooker (no water or seasonings, I like to add that as I warm it up) and it cooked, I pulled the meat off the bone and split it into 2 bags to freeze when I need it. I just eyeballed it, but each quart bag held enough for 1 meal for 3 of tacos. Two meals for $1.76! I love it!

I also got 9 cups of stock out of it. After I pulled the meat off, I threw the bones, skin, and other parts back in the crock pot with half an onion, a few things of celery that I broke in half and some carrots, also snapped in half. I let it boil in the crockpot overnight, and this morning I strained it through a coffee filter and a strainer and packaged it in 2 cup bags. I like to freeze things flat in bags so their easier to handle later.

Swanson’s broth is sale at Walmart for $3.98 for 48 oz. I made 72 oz for about the same price (and mine came with chicken!). See how making your own chicken stock is a better deal?


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