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Have You Heard of Oat Flour?

As a couponer, I get a lot of oatmeal. I can usually get a big thing of instant (maybe it’s not…) Quaker Oats for under $1. I like oatmeal in cookies, but I’m definitely not an oatmeal eater, so needless to say, I accidentally hold onto a lot of oatmeal.

Today, this has changed. I had a hankering for something with pumpkin and chocolate (my favorite combination). So I searched and searched and searched for something that sounded good. That’s when I found this recipe on Ambitious Kitchen.

It called for oat flour. What is oat flour? Oat flour is the magic that happens when you blend oatmeal. It’s pretty simple.

IMG_20140114_182235_676 IMG_20140114_182244_112I left mine a little chunky because I love the texture of oatmeal in my baked goods. Feel free to grind it to a more flour-y consistency.

The bars were beautifully fluffy. Way fluffier than regular flour. I can’t wait to use it in my waffles!


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