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My Facebook Detox

On a slow day at work, I realized that I spent all day on Facebook. For the entire 5 hours, I read my news feed and checked on friends. Then I went home, where I spent the rest of the day on Facebook. That was about another 5 hours. Keeping count? That’s 10 hours on Facebook.

Let’s say that on an average day, I’m spending 5 hours on Facebook. Some of it is playing games, some of it is just reading my news feed, but 5 hours everyday. That’s 35 hours a week, which amounts to almost 76 days a years. So yeah. I don’t think I have time for a lot, but I’m wasting 76 days a year? Ridiculous.

So I deactivated it. No, I didn’t do a sappy, oh no, I’m leaving… I just left. My friends don’t need that BS. I just logged in and deactivated it.

So how is it working? It’s been a week, and I’ve checked in twice. Instead of being more productive, I’m just using Instagram and Twitter more often. In other words, it’s failing miserably. However, I’m content with just checking it twice. I think it’s a reasonable compromise. If you need to know, I won’t be reactivating it forever until I can resist the urge to check it every moment. We’ll see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “My Facebook Detox

  1. I’ve deactivated several times. Every time I do it is so freeing and I love it. I’ve gone back because I’ve used Facebook to create accounts for every website under the sun! So until I get all of those sites reset to not rely upon FB, I’ll have to do it. But WOW it is so much nicer of a life to not have Facebook!!!!

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