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The Implant

This post is going to be WAY TMI. Just warning you.

Last year, I went to get an IUD, but then was told that my uterus was too small for the Mirena. Since then, the Skyla has come out, which has rekindled my love for my future IUD (remember this post?), but I’ve considered the Nexplanon Implant for my birth control needs.

1) Convenience
I have no idea why these products (IUD and Implant) aren’t marketed to younger girls. A) They last for YEARS and B) You don’t need to take them everyday. Isn’t that the convenience everyone wants in their lives?

2) Menstrual Cup
There is absolutely no concern about dislodging my implant with my menstrual cup (or tampon). Win.

Ok, so I just ike to streamline items in my life. Also, cost was a major factor before the ACA. Now that cost is no longer a factor, it’s really just for convenience.


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