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How I became the stereotype I hate

Have you ever watched Twilight? I know. I can’t believe I asked that question. I vowed to never read that book, but in 2009, I had to go to a long event, so I bought the book for it’s length. And I read it.

I went to a women’s college. Before that I was in Girl Scouts. Every day, from a dozen sources, I was told that I was never to be defined by a man. I was disgusted by the fact that Bella was obviously obsessive and in an abusive relationship. I was just horrified.

Then in one of the books, Edward leaves and she just sits around for months. In the movie, the camera just spins around until you get sick (or I’m just sensitive to motion). I couldn’t believe that someone was that attached to someone that literally wanted to kill her and drink her blood.

And then my not-so-boyfriend disappeared and I lived my life somewhat emotionless for months. I talk to him in my head, even though I’m aware that this kid is never coming back.

I have a new sympathy for Bella. It’s hard to see when things are getting unhealthy.


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