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Vitamins, the low down

I am a firm believer that vitamins are a scam. However, I love gummy bears, so I buy the vitamin gummy bears so I have an excuse to eat them every day. Best good/bad decision ever. Or, so I thought.

My doctor has been working with me to change my diet to reduce my mood swings and depressed thoughts. Since he’s made it clear that he doesn’t think I need meds, I’m cool with experimenting with these changes. He also supports my Real Food kick, so we’re cool.

His first suggestion is that I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Since I live in the Northeast AND a ginger, I have no doubts that this is true. My brother has (had) a deficiency, and the doctor actually thought he had low testosterone issues (sorry brother for sharing!).

My problem is that apparently my CVS brand gummies apparently aren’t great. He suggested a well-known specialty store, but who can you trust?

Turns out, no one. I cannot find a good suggestion for vitamins anywhere. I went with Puritan’s Pride, since they were cheap with good reviews.

Any suggestions? My mood is depending on it!


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