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The Patch

Today, I realized that just because I don’t like some birth control options, doesn’t mean you don’t. Here are reasons why the patch is a good idea.

1) Convenience
Using the every day pill as the standard for inconvenience, the patch is helpful because you put in on once a week. So say, every Monday, you take off the old patch and put on a new one.

2) Physical Benefits
According to Planned Parenthood, the patch can help with acne, bad menstrual cramps, serious infection in the ovaries, tubes, and uterus, iron deficiency anemia, cysts in the breasts and ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease, premenstrual symptoms, including headaches and depression, and heavy and/or irregular periods.


These decisions were much easier to make before the ACA. As much as I love it, my decisions were made like this: What’s the cost? How convenient? Now since everything is covered, it’s just: What is the most convenient.


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