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My Vitamins

I know. I previously told you I thought vitamins were a scam. I completely lied.

Last week, I went to my last therapy appointment. Between my new vitamins and real food diet (which doesn’t happen as much as I would like) I’m managing my boderline personality disorder well. Well enough that I don’t need to tell someone about how I feel anymore.

I can tell when I haven’t taken my vitamins for a couple of days. I get moody and everything seems to hard and I hate being alive. With my vitamins less things bother me, and I’m in a better mood. Not perfect, not HAPPY, but better.

I’m really at the point where either I learn how to deal with it, or I go on meds, which my therapist (who isn’t a doctor) can’t prescribe me. So, we’re going to try to deal with it.


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