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My Implant

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Friday, I got my implant. I scheduled my appointment online with Planned Parenthood and had my Nexplanon inserted within a week. I was impressed.

My wait was long, but once I got in, the whole process went very smoothly. The nurse told me about other kinds of birth control and made sure that I really wanted a Nexplanon. We went through my chart and I answered a few questions, and signed some consent waivers.

The PA came in, and we talked some. She was required to talk to me about my weight, because of my BMI (so we talked about my fitbit), and she told me what was going to happen. I told her that I was scared of needles, but should be ok as long as I don’t see it. So the nurse stood on my right side (my implant is on my left side) and told me a joke and it was done. The PA bandaged me up, and everything was all right.

Saturday, my arm was a little sore, but I’m fine. It creeps me out a little, so my arm hurts more from me holding it at odd angles than the actual bruise. I recommend it to everyone.


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