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DIY Pill Packs

I was pricing out new vitamins and could not decide what I wanted. My current vitamins were $4.79 a month with a new sale, but the fancy packs I wanted to take were $14.10 per month. It was a difference I could not ignore. So I went through the pros and cons of each.

The packs and the pills had a couple of differences that I had to take into account. The actual vitamin parts were pretty much the same. There was more Vitamin D and Calcium in the pack, but not enough to really make a difference. The packs also included a flaxseed and fish oil pill, so I had to price that into my other vitamins as well. The flaxseed/fish oil combo I found was $1.44 per month. They have about half as much nutritional value as the pack, so I’ll double it for $2.88 a month. That brings my monthly total to  $7.67 a month.

So it made no sense to buy the packs. I really wanted them though. I could hide them in my car and at my boyfriend’s, since I don’t spend a lot of time home lately. Then I looked around and had a brilliant thought.

I could make my own packs.

I am a frequent buyer of odd sized bags for work. My favorite lately have been 2×3 and 3×4 bags, but no one else likes them. So (since I work for family and these are like $10 for 1000), I stole a package and made my own!


FYI: The links in this post are affiliate links for the products on the Amazon page. I priced mine out on the Puritan’s Pride website. I use these links because I’ll get a percentage of the purchase price, though your price will be the same if you went straight to Amazon. 

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