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The Financial Side of my Nexplanon

So yes, I have an implant.
I knew my insurance would either love it or hate it, and I was prepared to pay the full price of it.
So here’s the breakdown:
My local Planned Parenthood is charging me $1,441 for it, and insurance is covering none of it.
$800ish for the implant
$200 for the visit
$400 for lab tests and medical supplies

I knew that my insurance didn’t cover the implant, but I thought I might get an in-network price for everything else. Apparently not.

However, though the price seems high, when you break it down monthly for 36 months (3 years) its only about $40. And I could be the 66% that doesn’t bleed or just sporadically spots. And I don’t have to take a pill every day. I do have to factor in the cost of taking it out, but still less than having a baby.

So yes, I’m disappointed that Anthem didn’t cover it, but at the end of the day, I would still get another one at full price.


Edit: Anthem came back and covered $700. So it is now $20 a month. Your local low-cost clinic might come back and determine you owe even less.


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