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Fitness Friday!

Ever know you have to do something, but it’s really hard to start that habit?

I know I have to drink more water. I know it makes my skin look better, the texture of my hands is better, and it makes me work better. Water has about a million benefits,  and practically no consequences (ok, having to pee a lot, but I can work with that).

I never drink the amount of water I need. Soda tastes better. My coffee needs to be finished. Alcohol is here. So many stupid excuses to not drink water, and my body suffers.

The dark circles come out. My hands get rough. My body is weaker. My attitude is worse. The monster comes out.

Does this encourage me? Yes, for about an hour.

I guess I should set an alarm every half hour: Drink water or the monster will appear!

Does your monster come out when you don’t drink water? Let me know!

See you soon,


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