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Week 3: Shopping

Ugh. That number last week was concerning. $5,000 on shopping? Shopping is just that: clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. Everything else get categorized elsewhere, but shopping is just shopping.

I spend a lot on clothes. Probably $200 a month. Can I justify it? Some. I was going to the gym more, so needed more gym clothes. I started wearing dresses, so I needed more. I was a bridesmaid and had free reign over what I could wear, so I bought a couple or 5. I really need to stop the mini shopping sprees.

My makeup excuse is that I am an artist with no creativity, and the colors draw me in. I have no need for the amount of makeup I have, I very rarely use it, but the colors, and I can organize it and carry it around!

Have you seen how easy it is to shop nowadays? I  don’t even have to get up. And the companies already have my credit card info (should probably stop doing that…).

So what’s the simple solution? Stop spending money. Go out and actually buy the things I need. Stop buying 20 things when I needed one. Do with what I have. If only it was so easy!

I’ll keep you updated on how the “just stop buying stuff” method works. Say, if in a month, I haven’t spent the money, I’ll throw it into savings.

See you soon!


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