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Week 4: My Makeup Addiction

I don’t really have a makeup addiction. I have a shopping addiction and love pretty colors. At one point in time, I found it easier to carry a tote bag that the three makeup bags I had to contain the clutter.

I love organizing my makeup and cleaning it out, but I really don’t use it. That is why when I saw how much money I spent on makeup in the past 8 months (over $500) I was floored. Is there anything you don’t really use that you spend $65 a month on?

My collection (only half inventoried) is about $750. That just amazes me. I wish I could just sell it off and go on vacation. I have to spend less money on this category.

My resolution is to be happy with what I have a use what I’ve got.

I will attempt to spend $0 on this category, and pocket the $250 in my account.

Let me know what you can start a no buy on!

See you soon!


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