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My Journey to $20

My boyfriend’s house is a bit of a pigsty. The house is a little small (but bigger than an standard apartment) and we can all be a little hoarder-ish. For instance, I found a closet of old boxes, and a box of old containers (protein powder jars, oatmeal containers, spice jars, and the like). I don’t like to waste things, the boyfriend and his roommate are just lazy.

I was going through a bookcase, throwing away old letters and wrappers, and found my old laptop. This thing was state of the art… 3 years ago. Now the hinges have seized and the keyboard is missing letters. I swear I’m not hard on my computers, but this one was rough.

I haven’t touched it in probably a year, if not closer to 2, so I figured I should trash it. However, you can’t just throw away electronics. Who knows what toxic black magic is in it. As I was looking it up, I saw that Staples let’s you trade in your old electronics! It turned on and the screen works, so I’m getting a $20 gift card for it. They even paid for shipping.

And that’s the story of how my trash turned into $20. I inspired my boyfriend to look at his old computers. Yay!


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