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My Makeup Resolution

Last week, we talked about my makeup/shopping addiction. I did my final tally, and it is over 60 items, and about $1000 in value. This does not include samples and every little pencil I own (only so many 50 cent lip liners I can list by color). Makeup is made up of so many little things, that even a simple eye look can take 10 products.

My goal for the next two months is to use up 10 products. I have a few in mind (half used tinted moisturizer, a lip gloss, and a few eye shadow samples), and using up some things I have will also make my stash less overwhelming.

I’ll share my used products every couple of weeks or so for progress’ sake.

See you soon,

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Purposefully Using

Until last year, I don’t think I’ve ever used up a product. I get bored, lose it, or it dries up. It’s a wasteful problem.

At the start of 2016, I made a promise to purposefully use all of my products. It started with makeup. I used to wear makeup once in a while and forget about it for a couple of years, and then all of those products get gross and I buy more.

This year, I finally panned (used it until the pan shows) a product. It felt so good. I also used my travel size pack of face wipes until it was empty. I used up, foundation, and I cut the bottom off a hand lotion to use the last bits of it.

Purposefully using, for me, is prioritizing a product to use to reduce waste. Yes, I have other eye shadow palettes, but I’m so close to the end of this one, I would hate to switch. It also means I make pasta an extra night to use all of the sauce before it goes bad.

Trying to organize and clean out can lead to a lot of waste, and it can be a good thing to throw away things you don’t need or use. Purging is good thing.

However, making sure products you love are used up before they go bad, is a great thing too.

Make sure you purposefully use your things, instead of letting them go to waste.

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DIY Pill Packs

I was pricing out new vitamins and could not decide what I wanted. My current vitamins were $4.79 a month with a new sale, but the fancy packs I wanted to take were $14.10 per month. It was a difference I could not ignore. So I went through the pros and cons of each.

The packs and the pills had a couple of differences that I had to take into account. The actual vitamin parts were pretty much the same. There was more Vitamin D and Calcium in the pack, but not enough to really make a difference. The packs also included a flaxseed and fish oil pill, so I had to price that into my other vitamins as well. The flaxseed/fish oil combo I found was $1.44 per month. They have about half as much nutritional value as the pack, so I’ll double it for $2.88 a month. That brings my monthly total to  $7.67 a month.

So it made no sense to buy the packs. I really wanted them though. I could hide them in my car and at my boyfriend’s, since I don’t spend a lot of time home lately. Then I looked around and had a brilliant thought.

I could make my own packs.

I am a frequent buyer of odd sized bags for work. My favorite lately have been 2×3 and 3×4 bags, but no one else likes them. So (since I work for family and these are like $10 for 1000), I stole a package and made my own!


FYI: The links in this post are affiliate links for the products on the Amazon page. I priced mine out on the Puritan’s Pride website. I use these links because I’ll get a percentage of the purchase price, though your price will be the same if you went straight to Amazon. 
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January Review

Remember this post?

I think it’s important when making goals to review them and change them as needed. So this is my monthly review. Let’s see how I’m doing.

Personal (body):

  • Lose 40 lbs. (that will get me to 24 on the BMI chart, which is just under the overweight mark).
  • Grow out my hair (I want it down to my waist, it’s about “boob length” now.)
  • Stop biting my nails (I will say that that’s about 2 months of not biting)

I’ve lost about 2 pounds this month. Not a great rate, but better than nothing. I’m thinking about trying a detox from caffeine and sugar. I’ll tell you if I do. 
My hair still seems to be growing at a normal rate. It is past boobs now. 
I didn’t bite my nails, but I did slice half of one off. Oops. (Just nail, no finger)

Getting more organized:

  • Setting up my life binder
  • Actually use my planner (I think I need to tweak it)
  • Get replacement important documents
  • Clean out closet (reduce to 50 items shirts/dresses?)

No update on binder. Or anything else on this list. I’ll get on it. 

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Have You Heard of Oat Flour?

As a couponer, I get a lot of oatmeal. I can usually get a big thing of instant (maybe it’s not…) Quaker Oats for under $1. I like oatmeal in cookies, but I’m definitely not an oatmeal eater, so needless to say, I accidentally hold onto a lot of oatmeal.

Today, this has changed. I had a hankering for something with pumpkin and chocolate (my favorite combination). So I searched and searched and searched for something that sounded good. That’s when I found this recipe on Ambitious Kitchen.

It called for oat flour. What is oat flour? Oat flour is the magic that happens when you blend oatmeal. It’s pretty simple.

IMG_20140114_182235_676 IMG_20140114_182244_112I left mine a little chunky because I love the texture of oatmeal in my baked goods. Feel free to grind it to a more flour-y consistency.

The bars were beautifully fluffy. Way fluffier than regular flour. I can’t wait to use it in my waffles!

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My Cloth Pad

My dog loves things covered in blood, so I’m moving to greener products so I can avoid cleaning up that mess.

After I purchased my Moon Cup, I realized that I needed an option for when shoving a big piece of plastic up my vadge seemed too mean for my cycle. So I bought a cloth pad. To be more specific, I bought a GladRag, which is super soft and I want a pillow made out of whatever flannel they use.

I wish I had something exciting to say about it. You snap it around the crotch of your panties, and bleed on it. I had a light flow, so I wore it for like 12 hours (because I’m lazy) and just pulled it off at the end of the day. I threw it in the wash with everything else. I didn’t use a fabric softener sheet (I have sensitive skin), seems good to use again. Since they’re kind of expensive, I’m planning on making my next ones (maybe out of this fabric!).

For the record, I’m a klutz and have no problem having blood on my clothes. So I might not be the best judge. Blood is natural though, so deal with it.

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Chicken Update

A while ago, I wrote this post about a great deal on chicken. Well, once again, chicken thighs have gone on sale for $0.88 a pound. So I bought about 4 pounds, or about $3.52 worth, and threw it in the slow cooker.

After I threw it in the slow cooker (no water or seasonings, I like to add that as I warm it up) and it cooked, I pulled the meat off the bone and split it into 2 bags to freeze when I need it. I just eyeballed it, but each quart bag held enough for 1 meal for 3 of tacos. Two meals for $1.76! I love it!

I also got 9 cups of stock out of it. After I pulled the meat off, I threw the bones, skin, and other parts back in the crock pot with half an onion, a few things of celery that I broke in half and some carrots, also snapped in half. I let it boil in the crockpot overnight, and this morning I strained it through a coffee filter and a strainer and packaged it in 2 cup bags. I like to freeze things flat in bags so their easier to handle later.

Swanson’s broth is sale at Walmart for $3.98 for 48 oz. I made 72 oz for about the same price (and mine came with chicken!). See how making your own chicken stock is a better deal?