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Week 3: Shopping

Ugh. That number last week was concerning. $5,000 on shopping? Shopping is just that: clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. Everything else get categorized elsewhere, but shopping is just shopping.

I spend a lot on clothes. Probably $200 a month. Can I justify it? Some. I was going to the gym more, so needed more gym clothes. I started wearing dresses, so I needed more. I was a bridesmaid and had free reign over what I could wear, so I bought a couple or 5. I really need to stop the mini shopping sprees.

My makeup excuse is that I am an artist with no creativity, and the colors draw me in. I have no need for the amount of makeup I have, I very rarely use it, but the colors, and I can organize it and carry it around!

Have you seen how easy it is to shop nowadays? I  don’t even have to get up. And the companies already have my credit card info (should probably stop doing that…).

So what’s the simple solution? Stop spending money. Go out and actually buy the things I need. Stop buying 20 things when I needed one. Do with what I have. If only it was so easy!

I’ll keep you updated on how the “just stop buying stuff” method works. Say, if in a month, I haven’t spent the money, I’ll throw it into savings.

See you soon!

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Fitness Friday!

Ever know you have to do something, but it’s really hard to start that habit?

I know I have to drink more water. I know it makes my skin look better, the texture of my hands is better, and it makes me work better. Water has about a million benefits,  and practically no consequences (ok, having to pee a lot, but I can work with that).

I never drink the amount of water I need. Soda tastes better. My coffee needs to be finished. Alcohol is here. So many stupid excuses to not drink water, and my body suffers.

The dark circles come out. My hands get rough. My body is weaker. My attitude is worse. The monster comes out.

Does this encourage me? Yes, for about an hour.

I guess I should set an alarm every half hour: Drink water or the monster will appear!

Does your monster come out when you don’t drink water? Let me know!

See you soon,

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Week 2: Analyzing Spending

Last year, I spent about $15,000 on my everyday spending. To save $625,000 (the magic number), I have to cut down some spending now. If I can keep it up, that $625,000 number can go down too.

2015 spending

This is my trend page from Mint. The most concerning numbers I see are for shopping and food. I spend approximately $475 a month on shopping and $250 of food, for 1 person.  Time to start cutting out the coupons. I’ll go through each of these categories more to see what I can cut (I bet it’s clothes, eating out, and make up purchases!).

See you soon!

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Fitness Friday

I normally have a trainer. A privilege that my boyfriend pays for and make me feel guilty every time I walk in the door. Most people my age can barely pay the bills, and we pay a crazy amount for someone else to plan our workouts.

This week, not so much. This week, our trainer is on vacation, and it is difficult to get to the gym and work out.

We go to a bodybuilding, big on weightlifting gym. I am not a bodybuilder. I’m not even close to a body builder.

I am an obese, lady trying to lose some weight. My BMI is 37. I have boobs. I have a butt that it so large, it screws up my bench presses. Some days the lady bar (only 35 lbs vs 45 lbs, and does it matter when I’m lifting more than 45?) feels like the heaviest thing in the world.

Sometimes I have the most confidence in the world. Everyone is so focused on their workout, they must not be paying attention to me. I’m doing well, I’m already in the gym.

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to deadlift, the entire gym moved into the room I was in, and I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bend down in front of a bunch of dudes pushing 300+ pounds across the room. So I went on the treadmill, where I had a panic attack and had to sit because I couldn’t breathe.

Most days, I can be strong, but yesterday was not my day. Luckily next week, the trainer is back and I can hide in his office and work on my squats.

My numbers:
5 sets of 5 reps- 95lb  back squat
3 sets of 6 box step ups
Biked almost 2 miles in 5 minutes (inspired me to get on a bike and try biking to work)
Ran for 2 minutes, almost a quarter of a mile.
Total Gym time: 45 minutes.


See you soon,

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Mid-Year Resolutions

If we can have Christmas in July, then August 1st should be a whole new year, right?

Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter, since I’m still late. Maybe I’ll add it to the list: be more punctual.

Here are my mid-year resolutions:
1. Vent on the internet more
2. Have $50,000 in a savings account
3. Go to the gym 3+ times a week
4. Use more coupons
5. Be more punctual

I guess there’s no need for explanation of this list. Who doesn’t want more money or savings, and who doesn’t want to be healthier. I’ll try to post regularly about each subject to grow this blog.


See you soon,


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Purposefully Using

Until last year, I don’t think I’ve ever used up a product. I get bored, lose it, or it dries up. It’s a wasteful problem.

At the start of 2016, I made a promise to purposefully use all of my products. It started with makeup. I used to wear makeup once in a while and forget about it for a couple of years, and then all of those products get gross and I buy more.

This year, I finally panned (used it until the pan shows) a product. It felt so good. I also used my travel size pack of face wipes until it was empty. I used up, foundation, and I cut the bottom off a hand lotion to use the last bits of it.

Purposefully using, for me, is prioritizing a product to use to reduce waste. Yes, I have other eye shadow palettes, but I’m so close to the end of this one, I would hate to switch. It also means I make pasta an extra night to use all of the sauce before it goes bad.

Trying to organize and clean out can lead to a lot of waste, and it can be a good thing to throw away things you don’t need or use. Purging is good thing.

However, making sure products you love are used up before they go bad, is a great thing too.

Make sure you purposefully use your things, instead of letting them go to waste.